Alphanumeric Codes in the Bible

Introduction I have long maintained that the Holy Bible is saturated with divine watermarks which attest to its divine authorship and authenticity. In this particular analysis I want to focus exclusively on one specific type of divine watermark, namely–alphanumeric codes. In this examination I will attempt to objectively prove that the Bible is indeed saturated … Read more

Greek Isopsephy in the New Testament

In this examination I will introduce the ancient alphanumerical cipher undergirding the mystical science of Greek Isopsephy, and will show how God utilized this ancient system of numeral representation to create a system of alphanumeric watermarks which authenticate the received text of the Greek New Testament. What is Greek Isopsephy? As applied to the Bible, … Read more

Hebrew Gematria and How it Manifests in the Bible

The notion that the Bible contains alphanumeric codes is controversial among believers and unbelievers alike. There is a very prevalent mental association of gematria and isopsephy with the occult which is at least partly to blame for the stigma surrounding these practices among Christians. In this brief analysis I hope to impart knowledge that will … Read more