Who encoded the Bible?

In previous articles, I demonstrated by way of many irrefutable examples that the Hebrew Scriptures are saturated with ELS codes which exhibit all the obvious markers of intelligent design. As we have seen, the authenticity of these Bible codes is proven by the fact that they occur in topically relevant biblical passages at statistically minuscule … Read more

Modern Hebrew Bible codes

Jesus declared that heaven and earth will pass away, but his words will not pass away (Matt. 24:35; Mark 13:31; Luke 21:33; cf. Isa. 40:8). The implication of this statement is that the words of God are timeless. In my opinion, one of the greatest witnesses to the timelessness of God’s words are Bible codes, … Read more

The Problem of Orthographic Diversity in the MT

[Update (01-26-2023): The general thesis articulated in this examination has been invalidated by new discoveries which have come to light since the posting of this article. For the time being, I am leaving this piece up to serve as a witness to the progressive growth and evolution of my own understanding on this very important … Read more

Type 3 ELS Codes: Divine Echoes

In my two most recent articles I introduced Type 1 ELS codes and Type 2 ELS codes. In this final part of my introduction to biblical ELS codes, I am going to introduce the third and final class of ELS codes in my classification system—Type 3 ELS codes, also known as “Echoic” ELS codes. What … Read more

Type 2 ELS Codes: Divine Commentary

In a recent post, I introduced the phenomenon of ELS Bible codes. In that article I explained what ELS Bible codes are, and demonstrated their existence by way of many clear and irrefutable examples. Those of you who read that article will recall that I limited the focus of that investigation to only one of … Read more

ELS Bible Codes: A Brief Introduction

Introduction In a previous discussion, I explained at great length how God used the ancient Greek and Hebrew alphanumeric systems devised during the intertestamental period in order to deliberately plant alphanumeric codes in the Bible. I explained how these alphanumeric codes functioned as canonical watermarks which bear witness of the divine authorship and authenticity of … Read more

Psalm 22 Bible code matrix

In a previous post, I revealed how the statements שמי ישוע (“Jesus is my name”) and נצלבתי (“I was crucified“) are encrypted in the original Hebrew text of Isaiah 53 at different equidistant letter skip sequences. Because the revelation of that particular mystery has generated a lot of interest, I thought I’d publish another of … Read more

The Bible code of Isaiah 53: “Jesus is my name.”

Introduction For Christians seeking proof of the messianic identity of Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament, Isaiah 53 is the Mecca of all prophecies. This chapter so plainly describes the rejection and crucifixion of Jesus Christ that one is left bewildered trying to figure out how observant Jews could read these twelve verses … Read more