The Bible Code of Psalm 22 reveals Jesus Christ

Introduction In a previous post, I revealed how the Hebrew phrase שמי ישוע (“Jesus is my name”) is encrypted in the Hebrew text of Isaiah 53:8-10–a code that I referred to as “the Bible code of Isaiah 53”. Because that little revelation has generated a lot of interest, I thought I’d publish another of the … Read more

Alphanumeric Codes in the Bible

Introduction I have long maintained that the Holy Bible is saturated with divine watermarks which attest to its divine authorship and authenticity. In this particular analysis I want to focus exclusively on one specific type of divine watermark, namely–alphanumeric codes. In this examination I will attempt to objectively prove that the Bible is indeed saturated … Read more

The Topography of Eden reveals Jesus in Genesis

Today I want to share a very important biblical mystery that was revealed to me by the light of divine revelation several years ago. This mystery concerns the topography of the mysterious garden of Eden. Moses’ description of Eden Although the garden of Eden is mentioned multiple times throughout the Bible (Isa. 51:3, Ezek. 28:13; … Read more

The Deuteronomy 30:14 Principle

In a previous post I introduced the Logos, and demonstrated how the relationships between the constructs within it constitute the Bible’s shared index of figurative symbolism. We saw how the Logos and the relational overlap which occurs between the constructs within it is what causes biblical symbols to overlap, as symbols can represent every construct … Read more

The Logos: What It Is & Why It’s Important

In order to correctly interpret biblical prophecy, one must have a firm grasp of the multidimensional and overlapping nature of biblical symbolism; and in order to understand the multidimensional and overlapping nature of biblical symbolism, one must have a strong working knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the Logos. Those of you who are … Read more

The Sin of Ham: A Brief Analysis

At the end of Genesis 9, we are given a very brief account of an event which occurred in man’s ancestral family shortly after the flood. This “event” is commonly referred to as the sin of Ham. And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: And he drank of the wine, … Read more

Greek Isopsephy in the New Testament

In this examination I will introduce the ancient alphanumerical cipher undergirding the mystical science of Greek Isopsephy, and will show how God utilized this ancient system of numeral representation to create a system of alphanumeric watermarks which authenticate the received text of the Greek New Testament. What is Greek Isopsephy? As applied to the Bible, … Read more