My name is Zerubbabel. I am the founder, administrator, and (as of now) sole author of all of the material you will find on this blog. The calling and ministry I have received of heaven is very specific, namely—to prove the divine authenticity of the Holy Bible as specifically exemplified in the Protestant biblical canon. To phrase that a little more simply–I have been commissioned by the Lord to objectively prove that he wrote the Bible. Of course, proving the authenticity of a document encompasses far more than merely proving that said document was written by the person purported to have written it. As such, I seek to prove not only that God wrote the Bible, but also to demonstrate that the completed biblical canon that we have in our hands today was assembled by God, that he oversaw every single aspect of the canonical process, and that none of the biblical texts contained within the canon have been tampered with or altered over the course of many centuries of transmission. The successful accomplishment of this lofty set of objectives is to the end that all the world might know and acknowledge that the Protestant biblical canon that we have in our hands today is the only begotten, divinely authored, and divinely assembled Written Word of God sent down from heaven (Zech. 4:9).

Planting doubt in the minds of man with regard to the authenticity of God’s word was the original temptation which ultimately led to the fall of the Creation (Gen. 3:1). Knowing this, it is my position that it is extremely important for every believer to be able to rest in the certainty of the knowledge that the book that their faith is based on is from God–being sealed with the signet of his divine authority to prove it. Objectively proving the divine authenticity of God’s Word is the objective of this ministry.