Bible code grids explained

In order to fully understand and appreciate the mystery of ELS Bible codes, one must possess a working knowledge of Bible code grids. This article is intended to function as a reference page which explains this concept as clearly and concisely as possible. My hope is that having an article on this topic that I … Read more

Bible code about the Rapture

There is no doctrinal concept that seems to stir up strife and controversy among believers quite like the Rapture. It is perhaps one of the most divisive and polarizing topics in Christianity today, and it’s one that practically every believer seems to have very strong and unbendable views on. I must confess that personally, this … Read more

Timeline of Biblical Chronology (MT)

The aim of this article is to provide a simple timeline of biblical chronology which covers the first three millenia of biblical history. This post is largely intended to function as a purely informational reference post that I can easily link to in topically relevant articles. All of the dates provided in the timeline are … Read more

Single-verse Bible codes

The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to yet another powerful witness to the Bible’s divine origins, that of single-verse Bible codes. In this article, I will explain what single-verse Bible codes are, discuss why they’re significant, and provide numerous examples of them in order to objectively demonstrate their existence. It is … Read more

The Bible’s verse divisions are divinely inspired

Introduction It is commonly taught that the Bible’s verse divisions are a construction of man which were devised for convenience long after the books of the Bible were written, from whence it is argued that these divisions have no divinely authoritative basis. The goal of this article is to cast this mountain of misinformation into … Read more

A ‘Titanic’ Bible code discovery

Titanic Bible code: Introduction In my most recent post, I shared an ELS Bible code I recently discovered which appears to very clearly foretell the creation and rise to power of the United States, thousands of years before it happened. As I explained in that article, the significance of this discovery was very important, as … Read more

America in the Bible code

America in the Bible code: Introduction In a previous article, I showed how the word “America” was encoded in part of Moses’ farewell address in Deuteronomy 30, and explained how the historical relevance of that specific passage as pertaining to America’s colonial roots made it very difficult for me to believe that that encryption had … Read more

Bible code confirms that the Earth is round.

Introduction In recent years, I have increasingly become aware that there are a growing number of Christians who are convinced that the Bible teaches that the earth is flat. This view is based on a very rigid overly-literal interpretation of figurative language used in various biblical passages (e.g. “the four corners of the earth”). This … Read more

The 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel 9

Over the past two centuries, the book of Daniel has withstood more attacks on its authenticity than any other book in the Old Testament. Secular scholars and proponents of historical criticism not only collectively reject the traditional view that the book was written by the sixth century BC Judean exile and prophet Daniel, but even … Read more