Zerubbabel lays the foundation (First Post)

Artistic portrayal of the Jewish remnant reacting to Zerubbabel laying the foundation of the Second Temple (ca. 538 BC)
Artistic portrayal of the Jewish remnant reacting to Zerubbabel laying the foundation of the Second Temple (ca. 538 BC)

Hello world. Welcome to Beholdthestone.com. My name is Zerubbabel, and this is my blog. I will be using this tract of internet real estate to document diverse biblical and prophetic mysteries that have been divinely revealed to me over the course of many years by the light of divine revelation.

I want to preface this by stating that this project is a work in progress, and I ask that you please remain patient if the construction is a little slow getting off the ground at first. As it stands now I am still trying to decide who my audience is going to be, which in turn will dictate how I orient the content of my posts. The thing about biblical revelation and prophetic mysteries is that you are dealing with a body of knowledge that is so deeply interwoven and perpendicular that it is extremely difficult to organize and present in an orderly way that is easily digestible to a wide audience. In order to understand X, you must first explain Y. But in order to understand Y, the student must first understand A, B, and C, which in turn requires knowledge of D and E, both of which requires a firm grasp of Q, R, and S—you get the picture. The interlocking and overlapping nature of biblical revelation can make it challenging enough to explain any given biblical mystery to an audience of people like myself who are biblically literate and have a strong command of the historical narrative. However, it becomes extremely difficult to break down and present the information in a sequential and orderly way that is accessible to an audience who you are assuming is biblically illiterate; and it becomes even more difficult if you assume that said audience also does not have the preexisting framework of historical knowledge required to contextualize biblical prophecy and revelation, and understand why what you are showing them defies logic and reason and is miraculous (it’s like trying to teach advanced Calculus to people who have never even taken high school Algebra–take my word for it).

So I am currently in the process of deciding if I want to orient this blog toward those like myself who already have the aforementioned intellectual foundation and framework of knowledge required to contextualize and understand the mysteries I am intending to share with the world (and thus don’t need me to hold their hand), or if I want to gear this towards those who (as far as biblical and historical knowledge is concerned) are coming into this with a proverbial tabula rasa. If I end up going the latter route this is going to be an extremely challenging and mentally agonizing endeavor, and will likely require several months of brainstorming and planning on my part. I thus ask that you (whoever you are reading this at this early stage) please remain patient with me as I pray and seek the Lord, and try to figure out what direction he wants me to go in with this. I believe that God has great things in store for this blog and I very much look forward to sharing the prophetic knowledge and mysteries he has given me with all of you. Stay tuned!


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