The 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel 9

Over the past two centuries, the book of Daniel has withstood more attacks on its authenticity than any other book in the Old Testament. Secular scholars and proponents of historical criticism not only collectively reject the traditional view that the book was written by the sixth century BC Judean exile and prophet Daniel, but even … Read more

The Topography of Eden reveals Jesus in Genesis

Today I want to share a very important biblical mystery that was revealed to me by the light of divine revelation several years ago. This mystery concerns the topography of the mysterious garden of Eden. Moses’ description of Eden Although the garden of Eden is mentioned multiple times throughout the Bible (Isa. 51:3, Ezek. 28:13; … Read more

The Antichrist as the fulfillment of King Solomon

Today I am going to demonstrate how the person that Christians refer to as “the Antichrist” was prophetically foreshadowed by the biblical character of Solomon. In this article we will go through and identify all of the individual prophetic connections between Solomon and the Antichrist (of which there are many), and explain each of them … Read more

The Camp of Israel in the Wilderness

One of the greatest testaments to the divine authorship and redaction of the Holy Bible is its under-girding canonical unity. One of the many ways that this unity makes itself known is through what I refer to as prophetic keys. A prophetic key is any nugget of biblical truth, that once brought to light, consequentially … Read more