The Sin of Ham: A Brief Analysis

At the end of Genesis 9, we are given a very brief account of an event which occurred in man’s ancestral family shortly after the flood. This “event” is commonly referred to as the sin of Ham. And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: And he drank of the wine, … Read more

Greek Isopsephy in the New Testament

In this examination I will introduce the ancient alphanumerical cipher undergirding the mystical science of Greek Isopsephy, and will show how God utilized this ancient system of numeral representation to create a system of alphanumeric watermarks which authenticate the received text of the Greek New Testament. What is Greek Isopsephy? As applied to the Bible, … Read more

Hebrew Gematria and How it Manifests in the Bible

The notion that the Bible contains alphanumeric codes is controversial among believers and unbelievers alike. There is a very prevalent mental association of gematria and isopsephy with the occult which is at least partly to blame for the stigma surrounding these analytical tools among Christians. In this brief analysis I hope to impart knowledge that … Read more

The Bible code of Isaiah 53: “Jesus is my name.”

Introduction For Christians seeking proof of the messianic identity of Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament, Isaiah 53 is the Mecca of all prophecies. This chapter so plainly describes the rejection and crucifixion of Jesus Christ that one is left bewildered trying to figure out how observant Jews could read these twelve verses … Read more

The Antichrist as the fulfillment of King Solomon

Today I am going to demonstrate how the person that Christians refer to as “the Antichrist” was prophetically foreshadowed by the biblical character of Solomon. In this article we will go through and identify all of the individual prophetic connections between Solomon and the Antichrist (of which there are many), and explain each of them … Read more

The United States: A Covenant People

A few years ago, I came across a YouTube video in which a messianic Jewish author by the name of Jonathan Cahn gave what was essentially an oral summary of the conglomeration of prophetic mysteries revealed in his NY Times best-selling book “The Harbinger.” I was not familiar with any of Cahn’s work at the … Read more

The Golden Candlestick & the Biblical Canon

For the man or woman of God, there is no authority higher than the authority of God’s Written Word. As Christians, we believe that every jot and tittle, every iota and every accent–is divinely inspired, and we thus esteem the words of the Holy Bible to be the very words of God himself. As such, … Read more